ARIEL ALBANI is the co founder along with EVI JUSAKOS of MAGICAL MOMENTS, LLC  Together they offer a myriad of fun workshops and relaxing retreats locally and abroad geared to those ready to tap into a more magical life experience, one that inspires you every day to live in love, joy and with passion! To find out more or book yourself and friends in the upcoming retreats, please contact Maria at :407-583-7956


Are you interested in a fun and transformational workshop or spiritual retreat? Following is an example of what we offer!

Awakening the Child Within…
Opening Your heart to JOY!
During this workshop, facilitators Ariel Albani and Evguenia Jusakos will guide you through gentle yoga movements accompanied by creative guided visualization, unique guided meditations and laughter yoga. This is a learning and experiential workshop where every participant will have the opportunity  to awaken the Child within with an open joyful heart . It is a transformational experience that will leave everyone feeling renewed and uplifted!

About the facilitators:
Evguenia Jusakos has been studying the healing arts for the last 30 years, and has completed certifications in Thai Yoga Bodywork, Laughter Yoga, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Heart Health, Parenting with love and logic, Qigong, Healing Emotion, Stillness 24/7 Meditation, and Heart Forgiveness amongst other certifications. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida and has been a Reiki Master for over 10 years. Evguenia is committed to empowering others and is joyful to share her own life story where she healed her cancer diagnosis without chemotherapy. Evguenia’s passion is empowering children and youth through classes and workshops. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

Ariel Albani is a seasoned wellness facilitator with over 20 years of experience facilitating in the United States as well as Internationally. She is certified as a Yoga Teacher, Hypnotist, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Bars facilitator, Master Spirit Guide and Intuitive channel amongst other certifications. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Child Psychology.
She is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida, Ariel co- authored the Best Selling book Conversations that Make a Difference and is the recording artist of numerous meditation CD’s including Yoga All In One, and Balancing Your Energy Systems amongst others. Ariel currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

“In the Garden of Love and Light, Life becomes Magical”