I enjoy Beauty in all levels of my being. I think it is a quality that reflects divine love and divine perfection within our souls. in my awareness, True beauty is a reflection of the persons interior, the soul,  and then there is healthy physical beauty which is what this page is about!

The skin is our largest organ and it is important to take good care of it, just as you take care of your liver, kidneys and every other organ inside your body. Makeup is art and is a great tool to enhance your natural beauty or simply to be creative and design just as you would a blank art canvas. I find makeup to be fun, exciting and many times challenging as it often takes me many tries before I can create on my face what I see in my mind ( no different from my acrylic paintings!) and that is what I love about it.

Personally I have very sensitive skin and prone to break outs. What I choose skin care  and makeup wise is important. I have tried many lines and Arbonne has been a very good fit, that is why I decided to subscribe, be a beauty rep for them and share what works for me. If you know me, you are well aware that I only share what works for me, I don’t sell products, I share my experience and if you choose to try what I share we both win. I receive a commission when you purchase from my website with them: and I am so joyful for that, yet what is important here is that we both feel GREAT about our skin, beautiful and rewarded by conscious environmental choices when selecting and using skin care and makeup products. It is important that we feel radiant, healthy and beautiful through our choices of skin care and makeup!

I am over 50 now and my skin looks very well for my age, I am not doing any  botox or fillers ( I did try it over three years ago but decided to embrace a more natural look) so yes, lines are present around the eyes and other areas of my face but overall my skin is smooth and feels good. According to dermatologists and aestheticians, I now have beautiful skin, younger than my chronological age. Wow, amazing.  That is such a blessing as I grew up having to take extra care of what I ate and drank because of being so prone to acne, and was very fortunate that my mom was a skin specialist owner of a health spa. I had access to positive proactive skin care then and dietary guidance to keep my sensitive skin healthy. Now many years later, I still have sensitive skin and  I am well pleased by the positive changes I have seen since I use Arbonne

The Arbonne facial care line that I use and truly  like is the RE9 advanced. I use the primer and the foundation, feels very light and has beautiful coverage and I am slowly building my makeup collection and I am so excited to do that!

Arbonne is committed to the environment, products are cruelty free and plant based. They are excellent for sensitive skin and the good thing is that they do make a difference, they work. I was inspired by my absolutely beautiful inside/out dearest Amanda and she gave me her website and I simply subscribed so that I could buy at a discount. You can do the same if you choose. You simply go to my arbonne website: and at the bottom of the page you can choose to subscribe for a year. It costs you $29 and then every time you shop, you shop at a discounted price. If you are not interested in that, you can simply shop on my website and try them first and see how you feel before you subscribe.

May you always enjoy health and beauty in your life. May we always celebrate each other in Beauty,  Joy and Sisterhood. May YOU be blessed by the beauty of your soul that radiates out into the world. May you find fun and joy in art and makeup. May you live your life with passion and gratitude!

Blessings, Blessings always, Infinite blessings!

love, Ariel!