Ariel Sofia Albani is a Certified Personal Wellness Facilitator, licensed in the state of Florida by the board of massage therapy (MA52536). Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ariel offers over 20 years of personal experience in the area of body, mind and spirit wellness. She is certified as a Yoga Instructor with over 200 hours of training with Yoga Master Edely Wallace at Yogamatrix, a Reiki Master through Helenne Deutscher, Soul Therapist, further specializing as Intutive Channeler and Master Spirit Guide through John Kelly, at Serco. Ariel is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Regression facilitator through Ron De Vasto, at Hypnotic Research Society as well as a  Weight Management and Nutrition Assesment facilitator having vast experience. Her mother, Vivianna Albani, dedicated her life to wellness, yoga and owned 3 health spas in Puerto Rico for over 30 years. Ariel  completed her certification as Master Angel Guide with Charles Virtue. She also completed Level 1 and 2 of the Melchizedek Method, an advanced modality of healing. Ariel is a former member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She  is an ordained minister and has a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy from the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational world peace organization. She completed her certification in BARS Access Consciousness technique for healing in the United Arab Emirates.

Ariel participated and presented  in 2014 at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Orlando, Florida.

Since she moved to Orlando in 1998, Ariel has taught Yoga for community organizations such as the Dr. Phillips YMCA (10 years) and in addition has taught Yoga, Wellness and Fitness programs in a variety of venues in Orlando, including Westgate Resorts, The Papillon Spa, Elementary Schools, as well as International corporations. She is also a former member of the faculty at Valencia Community College and completed teaching a two term yoga curriculum  at NYU in the Abu Dhabi branch, United Arab Emirates.  She has served  as a keynote Speaker for the ADL (Alliance of Divine Love) Conference in Orlando, Florida, and is continously available for conferences, specialty classes and workshops.

Ariel is the producer and recording artist of the Easy Relaxation Meditation CD, and the Recording Artist of Balancing Your Energy Systems CD as well as other recorded yoga and meditation practices. She has a variety of wellness recordings available through www.amazon.com and also on I-tunes.  Ariel lives Internationally. She has a private wellness practice in Orlando, Florida, teaches in Coral Gables, Miami and  taught also in  Abu Dhabi, UAE and Puerto Rico.  Ariel also dedicates part of her time to painting acrylics on canvas and teaches art therapy, all with the intention of bringing  healing LOVE to the planet through color, textures and Reiki. All her paintings are available for viewing and purchase through facebook and personally in her classes.  For more information, please contact her via text or facebook:  Ariel Sofia. Telephone: 407-488-4889

Ariel co authored an inspiring book: Conversations that make a difference: Shift your beliefs to get what you want, a fabulous read that reached bestselling status on Kindle. Ariel’s story: “When I walked into my life, everything changed” relates the strange events that lead her to awaken her spiritual gifts. The book is now available on Amazon.  She is currently writing her next publication.