PRIVATE SESSIONS and Personal Retreats

PRIVATE SESSIONS are offered now regularly with Ariel long distance via zoom, whats app, or facetime, by appointment. In person also available.

Sessions with Ariel will assist you in clearing your energy body and feeling lighter, more relaxed and able to understand more fully your life journey as well as change your perspective to a positive love filled attitude! It will assist you in understanding the purpose of your life experiences and life purpose.

Sessions include a combination of Reiki, Bars, sound healing, intuitive angel readings and spiritual counseling (not religious yet apt for all faiths and atheists alike).

Investment: $60 for half hour. $125 for one hour. Additional $25 charged per 15 minutes increments over one hour  only if client desires more time. 

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING VIA PHONE OR ZOOM – During these sessions we will talk and together find spiritual solutions to any challenges present in your journey… A package of 5  SESSIONS  (30 MINUTES each) is available = $250. Individual sessions are also available = $55 each

STEP INTO YOUR POWER PACKAGE – If you feel committed to your journey of self transformation, I am able to facilitate that for you. Three one hour sessions within six weeks, only $350.

NEW! MINI PERSONAL RETREAT DAY–  If you need a day to disconnect from the outside, recharge and reconnect within, this mini retreat is for you. We spend approximately three and a half hours together. You receive guidance from the Sofia Guides, Reiki, and other pampering services that are tailored for your specific needs to allow you to leave powerfully renewed. These mini retreats are also available Saturdays and we work in harmony with the moon cycle at the time of our retreat day.  You can dedicate this day to yourself alone or bring a loved one along. Only $250 pp, maximum four participants. Blessings!

MONTHLY ENERGY BALANCE TUNE UP! – During these transformational  times, it is important to keep our energy and frequency clean and vibrating high. These monthly sessions can make all the difference between a difficult life ride versus and exciting and joyful one! This package consists of 12 sessions at a considerable discount and is valid for one year! You can use it monthly or perhaps at times you may wish to schedule more than one session monthly if you find yourself shifting quickly! TOGETHER WE CAN WORK ON YOUR PROGRAM,  it is up to you! Blessings! 12 sessions, $1200 ( payment plan is available). ( regular investment is $1500).

To schedule your appointment, simply text your request to: 407-488-4889