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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my ART page, I look forward to sharing much beauty with you! Please read on to learn what my new passion, ARIEL ART, is about… Blessings!
ARIEL ART is another form of expression for me of my artistic lineage upon this planet. My grandfather was a gifted classical painter in Argentina, my grandmother, a grammy winning soprano in Broadway, and my parents were both very accomplished artists during periods of their lifetimes. My sisters and I are all artists in some way, we each enjoy art in its many forms and expressions, have an eye for beauty, and are individually artistically inclined.
ARIEL ART is a form of yoga for me. A collection, that continues to grow, of many paintings made with acrylic on canvas that carry a philosophical meaning beyond its abstract expression. I studied art for thirteen years while growing up, and since I was a young teen I felt very inspired by the works of Angel Botello, who remains as one of my greatest inspirations, and whom I had the blessed fortune of meeting some of his family members and visiting his home in Old San Juan. Van Gogh, Lautrec, Matisse, Degas, Picasso, Twombly, Aranha, Curto, El Grecco, Da Vinci, Miguel Angel are a few of the names of the wonderful artists that continue to inspire me every day.
It was not until recently that I decided to share the expression of my art with the world. It took a considerable amount of courage to do so for the fear of judgement had to be dealt with and placed in its proper shelf.
ARIEL ART is bold and simple. Meditation is a part of it. The spirals of life are always a part of them, whether subtly or obviously, they are included in every painting. I paint with brushes and I also use my Reiki attuned hands to apply energetic vibrations and colors in the paintings as well with the intention of bringing blessings and gifts of healing to the viewers. I find that painting also brings great healing energy to my soul!

May you feel the love and joy in every painting, may you find in each piece of art, peace within you.

ARIEL ART was at the Marsam Mattar gallery in Dubai November 22, 2010 and during the month of December and part of January it was exposed at THE BODYTREE yoga/pilates/art studio in Abu Dhabi To view the full collection, please visit my ARIEL ART album on facebook. All pieces are available for purchase, prices range between $108.00 ~ $400.00.


A percentage of all profits are donated to humanitarian causes!