What is Ageless Living?

Ageless living is defying the logical sequence of time that has been humanly created and choosing to live in the here and now.


What are the benefits of Ageless living?

The benefits are very positive. When you live agelessly you have more enthusiasm for life, greater health, beauty, abundance, joy […]

My Vegan Diaries

My Vegan Diaries is a series of Q&A meant to assist and inspire those seeking healthier choices, lifestyle changes and can be well served by the perspective and experience of another.


Q: What made you decide to become a Vegan?

A: I took several trips in 2015, one of them was to a farmhouse […]

what is REIKI?


Reiki is a modality of healing that is completely non invasive yet profoundly transformational. YOU can never hurt anyone nor yourself with Reiki.

You can choose to learn Reiki to give yourself and others treatments, or you can receive Reiki as a treatment.

REIKI TREATMENTS: If you book a Reiki treatment, you will most […]

Ariel’s Energy Balancing Meditation is re-launched!

Some of you remember my first meditation recording ” Balancing Your Energy Systems” The script was written by John J. Kelly and the music produced by Jeff Moen, both of them very, very gifted in their work. It was produced in 2001 and sold out. I am very joyful to announce that this recording, […]





June 12th, 2011 | Category: Tips on Healthy Living

Welcoming the arrival of Chloe Belle

That is what we call our new kitten although her name is not confirmed yet! She is a tiny gray long hair cat with gray bluish eyes, at the moment about a month old. She is quite small. Our other cat, Cleo, just turned a year old, and she seemed less than joyful to welcome […]

My Journey with a little Turtle called “Free”

I was meditating at the beach last Monday morning and in the spirit of the new season of spring, delighting myself in liberating all that has served its purpose in my journey. I walked the shore affirming from my heart the words” I am free, I am free, I am free!” It felt peaceful and […]

Baptized “Rosanna Yassemine Ariel”…

Happy New Year to all my dear friends, today I share with you a new beginning in my life that had been heralded for a long time and is now here. As most of you, who have worked with spirit and energy know, every word carries vibration and your names are of utmost important too. […]

I am making personalized Reiki Guardian Angel paintings for Christmas…


Well, I am almost ready to depart the Middle East and spend the holidays at home! I am so looking forward to seeing my family and all of you my friends!! It has been a magical and transformational journey for all of us upon earth during this year, and home is extra special for […]

Immersed in Color~ My journey painting

Little did I know that upon arriving in the UAE this time, a new aspect of me would emerge! It all started with a tremendous amount of physical pain, nerve impingements and such that prevented me from my usual state of physical activity. Although I knew I needed a sabbatical to transition from my previous […]