This moon we are
preparing for the Summer Solstice, where the fire of life becomes prevalent as
the sun shines more brilliantly in the season to come. It is a time of
adventure, of courage, of leaving behind layers of clothing (and stuff!) and
allowing our skin to breathe and be nurtured by life, by the natural rays of
the sun, by the breeze and the sea. Fire is a powerful element of
transformation, it helps us to transmute the old energies that no longer serve
us. This is a time to allow the new seeds of re-birth that we planted in the Spring,
as intentions for our life, to take into the “fertile soil” of our hearts and souls
and grow. It is a time to give fire to our passions, to embark in that new
adventure you have been thinking of. It does not have to be drastic but even
small adventurous changes allow for transcendental shifts in our lives. It is
about demonstrating the willingness to the universe to release stagnation, and
saying a loud Yes! to flowing into empowering new shifts in our lives! In joy!


The ritual for this Full Moon is exciting, romantic and
empowering. Do it when the moon appears in the sky or anytime, after then,
during the night.  Read through first so
that you may gather what you need for it….( timer, music, candle, oils, etc!)
Make it unique for you!!  Following is
the process, let’s begin:


Candle Gazing

Start with mind cleansing or meditation.  Candle gazing preferred. Allow your mind to
just be cleansed of thoughts by gazing at a fire flame. When your eyes water,
simply close them, focus your internal attention in between your eyebrows and
then re-open and continue. As you stare at the flame, squint your eyes, observe
the light rays, focus your mind on your breathing and the flame. Notice thoughts
and let them flow by. Stay present with your breath.  You may play relaxing instrumental music or
chants in the background.  Continue for
15 minutes.

Lie Down or Sit Cross Legged with a Straight Back

It is time now to
allow your imagination to be free and play. Allow yourself to imagine a
pristine waterfall amongst the greenest mountains you can envision. Stand
underneath it and let the water drench you, activate your crown, and the pineal
and pituitary glands. Allow it to feel amazing, empowering, let your
feminine/masculine energy be exalted by this visual. See yourself in perfect
health, in total beauty, in complete joy, fulfillment, in true love and
embodying the peace of God. Stay for 15 minutes.


The next phase is
about expression. Play any music that you like, a drumming chant preferred.
Allow your body to dance to the rhythm, sing along, move and shake it. Ensure
to express yourself releasing all inhibitions. Let the music move you and flow
into every muscle, cell, bone and dimension of your being. Be the music! Allow
it to feel liberating and energizing! Dance for 15 minutes


Finish the ritual
with an aromatic bath; use candles, scents, oils, make it special, different,
romantic. You do not have to be in a partnership to be romantic. This is about
you and the moon, about connecting with the depths of your soul and the heights
of your inner wisdom.  If you have access
to the beach or any other natural body of water, feel free to swim instead.
Experience relaxation and gratitude for all that is, for all that you are, for
everything and everyone upon the earth. 
Stay for a minimum of 15 minutes in this phase. Culminate the ritual
peacefully and joyfully, perhaps enjoying a green tea and gazing at the
beautiful full moon…smile.  Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!

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