Ariel’s Energy Balancing Meditation is re-launched!

Some of you remember my first meditation recording ” Balancing Your Energy Systems” The script was written by John J. Kelly and the music produced by Jeff Moen, both of them very, very gifted in their work. It was produced in 2001 and sold out. I am very joyful to announce that this recording, which is truly an effective stress management tool and a great way to feel refreshed and balanced, is once again available! You may consider it now for the holidays or as a gift to yourself or a loved one for this auspicious New Year, 2012. Below is the article written by John Kelly concerning the distribution schedule of the meditation CD’s and where you can find them!  Blessings of much love and peacefulness!  ~ Ariel

The Soul Channel’s brand for meditation recordings and
publications is ‘
eSpirit‘. Meditation recordings created by John J.
Kelly and Jeff Moen have been listed on the eSpirit meditation recording site
for several months, allowing participants in The Soul Channel to listen to
recordings at no cost and to purchase/download individual tracks or full
albums; this service will continue.

Over the past 24 hours, we have signed with CD Baby to
distribute our recording albums through major recording outlets, including the

§  Apple iTunes

§  Amazon MP3

§  Verizon

§  7Digital

§  24-7

§  GreatIndieMusic

§  Tradebit

§  CD Baby

Here are promotional links for the CD Baby site:

§  New Arrivals on CD Baby

§  Bio and recordings information for John J. Kelly

§  Bio and recordings information for Jeff Moen

§  Bio and recordings information for Ariel Albani

It will take from 2 days to 4 weeks for the recordings to be
available on the above sites; we will keep participants to The Soul Channel up
to date on our progress. However, the following recordings are already
available today on the CD Baby website at these links:

§  Balancing Your
Energy Systems

§  Balanceando Sus
Systemas de Energia

§  Group
Meditations Vol 1: Introspections

§  Group Meditations
Vol 2: Reunions and Old Friends

§  Group
Meditations Vol 3: Relaxation and Recharging

§  Journey to the
Celestial Sanctum

§  Listen With Your Heart

§  Miracle of Birth
Vol 1: Experiencing the Baby Within

§  Miracle of Birth
Vol 2: Trauma-Free Natural Childbirth

§  Past Life Journeys

§  Sweet Dreams


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