REIKI CLASSES ARE ONGOING… If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me. This year I celebrate 22 years as a Reiki Master. It would be an honor and a true blessing to be your Reiki Teacher. Please contact me at: 407-488-4889




For detailed  information kindly text or call Ariel at 407-488-4889

REIKI and Ariel

AS many of you know, REIKI, has been instrumental in my life. It assisted and supported me in transforming my life journey exponentially  into one that is aligned with a higher purpose and the expression of my Authentic Self. Although when I first received my Reiki I, II, III trainings back in 1997, I did not intend to teach it, I was doing it just for me, it felt right ( and it was more than I knew then!!), in 2002 I was guided to teach it because my experience was too powerful not to share. I began teaching this beautiful modality 14 years ago and it continues to bless my journey every day.  Reiki is a healing modality, it is not a religion. There is a nice website that I like to use as reference for my reiki students: reiki.nu


I now  teach by appointment, that is, if you wish to learn Reiki, just contact me, we set a date that works for us. Once the date is set, I open the date as a class for any others interested. Usually classes are small, less than 10, so it allows us to converse, and take time to answer questions, to be personally attended. Once you take a Reiki Class with me, you can repeat that class FREE of charge as many times as you like when it is offered.

Every class I have taught in the last 14 years has been different, the students make the class! and each class has been magical in its very own way.


INVESTMENT … How much is it?

IN my awareness, The Investment for REIKI is one that will pay off in many ways for you, many times over. I have always charged the same fees, and they are less than what I personally invested. I Highly recommend that if you feel that REIKI is for you, that you walk confidently forward and trust the divine order of all things! You do not have to complete all levels,  to experience the great benefits of REIKI. REIKI  I is all that you need if you are seeking to treat yourself. REIKI II will expand you to reach for  long distance healing and REIKI MASTER will prepare you to be able to pass on the REIKI modality to others and opens your energy to the  full expression of this precious healing modality. All fees include materials and attunement.


REIKI I– $225

REIKI II` $150