Blessings! it is your time to blossom, to remember who You really are… to live in peace, free and shine your Light


My PURPOSE upon this Earth is to consciously align myself with TRUTH, the DIVINE aspect of  WHO I AM , existing, living  and BEING  Light, Love, Joy, Art, Kindness, Beauty, Compassion, Peace, Respect, Wellness, Health, Sensuality, Romance, True Partnership, Passion, Abundance, Clarity, Simplicity, Integrity, Service, laughter, playfulness … to live in God’s light, free of the good opinion of others, living and rejoicing in my AUTHENTIC SELF.

My LIFE VISION is to assist YOU in finding your AUTHENTIC SELF, what moves YOU, what LIBERATES YOU into BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE,  so that together we can transform the planet into one that CELEBRATES HUMANITY, the DIVERSITY that encompasses our EARTH and the LOVE that unites us as ONE big FAMILY.

My COLLECTIVE VISION is a planet where humanity is in integrity, where people help, respect, smile, and serve one another and the planet with awareness, and kindness.  Nation leaders are motivated by service, sincere leadership and social consciousness.  Everyone has access to health care, nutritious food, and a positive quality of life.  Small business thrive along with big businesses.  We recognize and build upon our strengths to serve each other so that we can all be happier.  We care about our animals, our nature and all that is. We recognize that each one of us is an intrinsic part of what makes it all come together, and we all enjoy a cleaner, bluer and greener planet because WE ALL CARE.

Through the gifts I was born with, and the skills learned and developed through many years of studies with  inspiring teachers, I rejoice in  facilitating for you the ability to reconnect with all that you are, to awaken the gifts that you were born with and to find deeper understanding of your life, and greater purpose upon your life journey.

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