what is REIKI?


Reiki is a modality of healing that is completely non invasive yet profoundly transformational. YOU can never hurt anyone nor yourself with Reiki.

You can choose to learn Reiki to give yourself and others treatments, or you can receive Reiki as a treatment.

REIKI TREATMENTS: If you book a Reiki treatment, you will most likely feel very relaxed and revitalized after. It is a modality that like massage, is very nurturing to the body and mind, yet unlike massage, you are fully clothed and there is no muscle manipulation, just a very gentle touch. Reiki helps to clear energetic blockages that are common results of stressful situations and just everyday life in society. If energy is blocked for a long period of time, it is usually eventually  reflected in physical issues, such as disease or  chronic discomfort. Managing your energy, keeping it clean and clear, is important for overall general basic wellbeing. Reiki is helpful in all aspects of the being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It promotes health and wellbeing and assists to speed up healing.  It is safe for children, adults and seniors, and excellent as a complement to traditional medicine for serious medical conditions. $98

REIKI COURSES: If you feel inclined to learn Reiki , it is a modality that anyone can learn and benefit from in deep and profound ways. Reiki is considered a lineage, a modality that has been passed on from teacher to teacher, initiated by Master Mikao Usui, a Tibetan monk, over a hundred years ago. It opens the energy channels in your being to hold greater light and life force energy. As you hold more life force energy, much toxicity begins to clear, past illusions slowly cease to exist , allowing you to align yourself more easily and readily with your divine life purpose. Reiki is a journey, a journey that takes you back to YOU. It promotes a deeper understanding of the self, of your divine connection, and allows you a path to beautiful healing.  All classes are by appointment. (407)488-4889


REiki has three phases or levels. Reiki I is the first Initiation to this modality, it opens your energy field and teaches you how to give yourself Reiki treatments and how to treat others. You learn about energy centers and how to apply Reiki in all aspects of your life. Reiki can clear your energy , it can clear a space and can be used to help animals and plants as well. Reiki changes your energetic DNA and opens you to embrace new life perspectives as well as new levels of health and wholeness. $225

REiki II continues to awaken your energy and prepares you for long distance healing. For those interested in magnifying your life force to assist humanity with greater energetic reach or wish to specifically help others that are not physically present  in the same space, through the use of this modality, Reiki II prepares you energetically for this purpose. $150 ( Pre- Req: Reiki I)

Reiki Master is the final level of Reiki and it is only for those interested in expanding the energy further and learning how to teach and initiate others to  this modality. The Reiki Master is meant to initiate you in the journey to truly master yourself. It is a life changing journey, one that allows deeper awareness and opens you to the possibility of living in greater joy, love, truth, abundance and health. It awakens Your authentic self. $650 ( Pre – Req: Reiki I and II)


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