My Vegan Diaries

My Vegan Diaries is a series of Q&A meant to assist and inspire those seeking healthier choices, lifestyle changes and can be well served by the perspective and experience of another.


Q: What made you decide to become a Vegan?

A: I took several trips in 2015, one of them was to a farmhouse in Provence, France.  It is called La Vudele, and it was magically inspiring. Hosted by a delightful  couple, Claudia and Jim, we enjoyed yoga classes daily, beautiful long walks and delectable gourmet vegan dishes daily. I noticed that food was visually beautiful, deeply satisfying and I felt great and light afterwards.  After Provence I had the opportunity to go to Mt Shasta and it was a very spiritual journey of awakening and alignment. Once I returned I just had this urge to change to a plant based diet. My sister introduced me to the work of Kimberly Snyder and with her as a mentor, reading her books, listening to her podcasts I adopted a plant based diet in October 2015. I am so grateful for it!


Q: Was it hard for you?

A: The first week I was continuously hungry! Almost as if a part of me felt like there wasn’t enough food. It was interesting.  It would have been very easy to quit at that time. But something within prompted me. Eating plant based was not only allowing me to step into integrity concerning my view on animals, it was also good for our planet, our environment. I also really wanted to cleanse my energy field form any foods that involved killing, abuse or aggression of any sort. I felt it as a beautiful love based  lifestyle that helps us to be beautiful on all levels and also ageless.


Q: How long did it take you to get used to it?

A: I can’t remember exactly but I would say to others that each one of us is different. I was already pescatarian for three years when I shifted. I wouldn’t recommend drastically changing your diet. Do it gently, incorporate more of what you want and decrease what you have identified as toxic. It took me about a month I think to feel more of a rhythm with my new lifestyle.


Q: I like that you call it “lifestyle” and not diet. What is this lifestyle about? Are there other things included aside from diet?

A: Yes! definitely.  For me it goes along with the principles of yoga, the yamas, the first one is Non-violence. Since I began practicing and teaching yoga this principle has been very important to me. Non -violence is practiced through thoughts, words, actions, attitudes. Diet is something that simply aligns me more deeply with what is important to me.  Slowly I am also releasing from my life other animal based products such as leather bags, shoes, fur… I don’t feel a need for that. It feels very good and peaceful to me to live in harmony with the animal kingdom. In addition I must say that there are such beautiful vegan accessories out there!


Q: Do you have a favorite brand of vegan wear?

A: Not yet but I have seen amazing bags and shoes on, and there is a new make up line called Crunchi that is very nice as well.


Q: If you had one piece of advise for those wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle what would you say?

A: Start slow, be clear on the reasons for your shift.  What is important to you? What is inspiring you to change? and then each week incorporate more of what you want or make a couple of vegan days.


Q: Why vegan and not vegetarian?

A: Personally because I am interested in the anti-aging qualities of food. I find that vegetarian diets focus a lot on cheese and cheese is so clogging to the system! Acne, cellulite, belly fat, aside form the fact that milk cows are not treated very well, some very inhumanely. There is a very good documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio called “Cowspiracy”. Everyone should see it. Its free on you tube. That being said, there are times when we have been out dining and I have opted for vegetarian options when vegan has been unavailable. Its not the norm though 🙂 I do believe in flexibility and respect and since  I am the only vegan in my household,  I choose to adjust to what others enjoy.   I often find great alternatives for me in most eateries away from home.


Q: Do you drink Alcohol?

A: Yes. Actually it was strange because in the beginning of my lifestyle change, being around the holidays, I noticed myself drinking wine a lot more than usual! My usual was about one glass per week, lol. That lasted a few months. I am back to my usual or actually much  less. I hardly drink alcohol, its too strong for me, and again, its very aging.


Q: How about Smoking?

A: I don’t smoke. I tried to smoke as a teenager as I thought it looked “cool” but its not for me. I am quite allergic to the smell, if its strong I get a headache and  it makes me feel overall  unwell.


Q: You mentioned “Aging” a few times, how important is this for you?

A: It is very important to me. Aging is a natural process. We start aging the moment we are born. We have the power to accelerate and also decelerate  aging through lifestyle choices. Aging faster limits our  freedom, when health is not a priority we invite sickness, dependency, depression. I do know from all the studies that I have read and form my own personal meditations that we can influence the health of our cells tremendously through diet, positive mental attitude and lifestyle. It is my intention to do my best, whatever is in my power to live  healthy and agelessly while I am on Earth. It is important to me, gives me joy, fills me with beauty and peace. Ultimately we do not know what our life will end up like but we can do our part  in making every day a meaningful one. Blessings!








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