What is Ageless Living?

Ageless living is defying the logical sequence of time that has been humanly created and choosing to live in the here and now.


What are the benefits of Ageless living?

The benefits are very positive. When you live agelessly you have more enthusiasm for life, greater health, beauty, abundance, joy and love. You feel better, you look better and you simply enjoy the journey of life more deeply.


How does it work?

It starts with awareness, midfulness. Awareness that we are greater than the body and that which we see. We must be able to fully grasp that knowing. If you don’t, then joining a meditation class or a yoga class will help you. The key factor is the practice  of courage and kindness, you need mindfulness to sincerely  practice these profound qualities. They will guide you to a deeper understanding of life.  The foundation is to have courage to be who you are, to express yourself, and kindness towards your process of growth, your own journey. Being kind to yourself is one of the main youth elixirs. When you are kind, you vibrate in the frequency of love and love is where we need to get to defy aging.

What is Aging?

Aging is a human condition prompted and accelerated by severe judgment and a sense of separation from the divine. Humans have chosen to “Age” because of the actions that as a species we have taken, but it is not a spiritual process. Our spirit does not “age” or become ill, etc… As we align ourselves more fully with the divine within, the aging process ceases to be part of our reality. Its like choosing to live “off the grid of duality consciousness” and choosing to align yourself and live within “a grid of the divine unconditional love that you truly are”. Your thoughts are key. If you are interested in research, in studies of four decades a Harvard Professor ( Ellen Langer) showed that mental attitude can reverse the effects of aging. ( see

So what is this body?

The human body is alive and has its consciousness. Every cell responds to your thoughts by command. Your cells are fed through your dietary choices,  and how you choose to handle your day, your thoughts, your relationships. Cells thrive on integrity, love, and nature. The most aging practice you can engage in is : Stress.

How can I handle stress if it is part of my reality?

You choose your thoughts and actions at all times. While your reality may be one filled with uncertainty or great difficulty, it is how you respond to circumstances that will define your level of stress. How you respond is something that only You can control, it is your ultimate right and privilege to choose your thoughts. Life can seem very unfair but there is always a higher plan being revealed, and sometimes it is only through letting go, aligning with sincere trust and faith, in humbleness and surrender to the divine,  that will liberate you. Notice that stress is usually exacerbated by wanting to control what is not for you to control. Learning to discern this will do wonders for your overall health. Practices such as yoga and meditation will teach you how. Nowadays you can find excellent sources on line and a myriad of studios to choose from!

Will I look and feel younger if I learn to live in the moment, and align with the frequency of love?

Yes you will. And if you master this, you will be joyful, healthy and well until your very last day of your human experience. It is your divine right. YOU are DIVINE.

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