Ariel Sofia – Birthing a New Self in a time of Pause

The Pause brought upon us through Covid -19 has shifted our globe. The Earth expresses its imbalance and our hearts are invited to stretch beyond our comfort zones. Souls are leaving the earth plane, and the world is aware and mirroring the pain of Mother Earth.  Life invites us to pause, to look within, to spend time in solitude with our own feelings and emotions. Some are invited to experience the dark night of the soul and others are invited to hold the torches of light because they have already being there within the months prior leading up to now. Oneness allows us to balance each other, the darkness and the light coexisting and holding each other in compassion.  Divine order is perfect and nothing happens without  a deeper meaning than what the ego mind may perceive. This is a time of death and rebirth, of becoming aware of what part of us is ready to release and be filled with new life. It is an invitation to be our true selves, to set ourselves free.

I have received several names in this incarnation. They all mark cycles/periods of expansion and expression in this lifetime. Sofia is a name I was given spiritually a few years ago. I use it privately in my own meditations. Only a few of my friends were aware of this aspect of myself. Sofia is an expression of my higher self, the aspect of me that is fully aware of the light and love that she is. Ariel, is an acronym for A Return Into Eternal Love. Along with Sofia, the frequencies of the names combined allow for the compassionate and wise expression of the Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love. That is my North.

I experienced a beautiful confirmation yesterday, on the eve of this full moon. It was my own interesting process of rebirth. During this pause I have been guided to share my yoga and meditation classes live on the facebook platform. I’ve had the same FB account for many years so my list of friends grew to a robust number over time.  It has been a most beautiful, loving experience to reconnect with so many beautiful friends through the class offering. Some I had not connected with in so many years! Yesterday morning in my early private meditation, my spirit guides spoke to me about Ariel Sofia and  told me that it was truly my frequency now. I journaled about its meaning. It was rewarding and beautiful. I felt infused with the joyful energy of new beginnings. This inner joy inspired me to resume and publish the availability of private sessions on my website, and also to edit somewhat my FB profile. As I was editing my profile, I saw my birthday and excitedly decided to change my birth year to 2020, after all it is a new beginning! Well, that prompted a red flag for FB and my accounts on Fb and Instagram were immediately closed. I received a notice that the accounts would remain closed until my identity could be verified. My first thought was ” I promised a class tomorrow, I have to fix this!”.  To be honest, previous to the pause, social media was not something I connected to very often. My knowledge of how to navigate these platforms was, let’s put it this way, there was hardly any.

I followed all the instructions given as to how to submit verification of my identity. I sent a photo of my ID document, filled out the form and hit submit. The submittal was accepted and with it came a notice that due to Covid -19, verifications were taking longer than usual. I felt a bit clueless. Immediately I heard within me, open a page and call it Ariel Sofia. I hesitated a bit, but I know that trusting my guides has allowed me to grow, evolve and experience a magical world for over 20 years. I realized that I hesitated because I immediately thought about how strange it might sound to others. Over and over again, much of this pause has been about leaving my comfort zone. It is overdue. I have a tendency to stay small and hide for it feels safer than being judged. In the midst of attempting to construct the new page and the feeling of defeat as I was unable to activate the Live  option on my new page, three earth angels appeared. My dear friend Barbara, my sister Adrianna and my stepson Samer, all pointed me in very valuable directions. The timing of each of their comments was so precise, I recognized the divine guidance at play. It took about 8 hours with breathing breaks and gratitude pauses for the tension I was feeling to finally have everything work, at least so that I could offer the class. Even if a few people could come to the Live, it was worth it. I told all my sisters and immediately their loving support and willingness to show up to class made my heart feel full.

Like every breathing being upon the earth, my gifts are unique. In expressing them,  I am witness of how they have blessed many. Even if for a large group of people my gifts may come across as rather weird, for another large group of people they are a blessing. Regardless of all of that, self acceptance, self love, appreciation of how God made me, self respect is truly what matters. For each one of us, not just for me. I share this simple basic story because some of you may relate to the feelings expressed here. It is my hope and intention that in these words you may feel and give permission from yourself to yourself to simply be you.

I am not sure if FB will restore my original page or not. I don’t know if I will recover the friends I had. From now on I will continue to use Ariel Sofia. In time I trust that the beautiful community that was built in my original page will be restored and with a little magic of love perhaps it might even grow. It does not really matter. I am just showing up for the light. For Love. I AM showing up as I AM.

Yes, I am Ariel Sofia.  The cycle of  the frequencies offered by the names I have been given previously in this incarnation: Rosanna and Yassemine (See 2011 post)  are meant to lay dormant for now. I am not certain what the future holds but I know where I stand now. May we be friends, and support each other to grow.

In Oneness.


Ariel Sofia

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