I am making personalized Reiki Guardian Angel paintings for Christmas…


Well, I am almost ready to depart the Middle East and spend the holidays at home! I am so looking forward to seeing my family and all of you my friends!! It has been a magical and transformational journey for all of us upon earth during this year, and home is extra special for […]

Immersed in Color~ My journey painting

Little did I know that upon arriving in the UAE this time, a new aspect of me would emerge! It all started with a tremendous amount of physical pain, nerve impingements and such that prevented me from my usual state of physical activity. Although I knew I needed a sabbatical to transition from my previous […]

Connecting with your Angels this week of Holy Days…

We find ourselves entering a week of introspection, the moon is in its perfect phase for us to go within and connect with our own intuitive awareness. It is a particularly powerful week as in many traditions next week marks the fresh and auspicious beginning of a new cycle in the year~ between the 9th […]

An Invitation to higher Love

As I find myself once again in the Middle East during Ramadan, the difference this time is that I arrive to what for now is to become “home”. It has been wonderful to reunite with loved ones and to see once again my relatively new friends. But not all has been easy, life has tested […]

War Eagle!

Yes, we are in Auburn Alabama, home of the Tigers, and everywhere we go, we hear the students proudly yell “War Eagle”! It is exciting to witness the blossoming of my child as she now enters this new phase of her life. The trip has been blessed by the help of many friends assisting us […]

Energy Photos

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Behind the veil…

Namaste! As many of you know I find myself once again in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). This time around it has been quite different! Rather than spending time vacationing or working within my realm of therapeutic wellness, I found myself helping in a work intense marketing office for a local corporate venture! The company […]

Ariel’s Yoga and More in Orlando!

Happy 2010 to all friends around the world! The year arrives with an urgency and call to action that requires every soul to look within and prioritize what is truly important. We are moving quickly into truth, alignment and a higher consciousness in love. The earth is changing as we know it and a New […]

Our visit to Thailand!

Dear Friends,

Thai-land means the “Land of Freedom” , most of the population is Buddhist and they call themselves the “land of smiles”. I agree. People were so kind, friendly and helpful in Thailand that it was a truly moving experience just to be there sharing in their land. The beaches in Phuket were magnificent, […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Namaste! It is different to be so far away during our holiday time of the year. In truth the spirit of the holidays is something worth carrying within every day of the year. Yet , we get used to the decorations, the planning of family gatherings and the sweet scent of the fireplaces as they […]