War Eagle!

Yes, we are in Auburn Alabama, home of the Tigers, and everywhere we go, we hear the students proudly yell “War Eagle”! It is exciting to witness the blossoming of my child as she now enters this new phase of her life. The trip has been blessed by the help of many friends assisting us with the move and lending a hand in so many ways. 

My first visit to Alabama was this year, and to be honest I was not sure that we would feel “at home” in Auburn. I did not know what to truly expect, yet in retrospect I had honestly made some “not so good” assumptions. In my mind, Alabama would be “too foreign for foreigners”, does that make sense? It would be difficult to feel at home or find a sense of belonging, a sense of freedom of thought and expression. Such I had heard from some others, so I wondered, somewhat concerned, about what awaited us.

WELL, what did I find? I found in Auburn, (and now it is my second time here!) some of the most welcoming, kind, polite and generous people I have met. I finally truly understand the meaning of  Southern Hospitality, it exists and it is right here! How beautiful it would be if we were all a bit kinder and welcoming to strangers like they are here in Auburn. I have had the pleasure now to meet several Auburn University alumni (some that actually live in Orlando!) and they too, are so very kind…now I get it!

Once you “go kind” you are truly not blind as to how the blessings of your kindness expand in love and pure light.  So true! So I leave you with this thought, and the beautiful inspiration that I have found in Auburn~ it does not take very much to respect each other, to be kind, to be polite, to lend a helping hand, and yet what a difference we can make upon this world when we do so. Thank you Alabama for openning my eyes to the disservice of making assumptions, and allowing me to experience more joyfully our South. God Bless America. Blessings Always! Ariel

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