Ariel’s Yoga and More in Orlando!

Happy 2010 to all friends around the world! The year arrives with an urgency and call to action that requires every soul to look within and prioritize what is truly important. We are moving quickly into truth, alignment and a higher consciousness in love. The earth is changing as we know it and a New Earth is emerging. The signs are globally all around us. The world is becoming smaller and a new brotherhood and sisterhood is giving birth within us. If you align your thoughts with a higher perspective and see the bigger picture, your life will be blessed in many many ways, and your light will assist in the emergence of the new consciousness. Stay present, vibrate in love, be kind to all living beings, serve others in love and gratitude, and take care of yourself. So many may need help around you yet remember that you can only serve the most, when you come from a space of health, happiness and love. Cultivate that space!

I would like to invite you to visit our new little studio in Windermere… Ariel’s Yoga and More…at The Pond.  The intention for the space is one of joy,  spiritual camaraderie, kindness, shared laughter and love.  It is a little home for the heart to relax and connect with joy through the classes and services that we are offering. We are constantly evolving and new facilitators are joining, so visit the website often as you are likely to find exactly what you are seeking at “the right time”. 🙂 That is how the universe works….

One of the activities that I am very excited about is our “Grand Bazaar”. Amongst  my deep passions in this life are art and beauty. I delight in the vibration of unique creativity expressed. At the bazaars, the intention is to feature different  artists with their crafts and offer beautiful creations that are unique and “vibrationally high”. Things that will bring color, lightness, beauty to your home, your friend or to you! Our first bazaar will be February 6th from 2-4 p.m.  Stop by and share a cup of tea or cocoa with us, we have plenty at Ariel’s and have some homemade cookies too. Regardless of whether you find something that you may want to buy or not , sharing the space will be special…

Remember that this month of February we extend 9:30 a.m. classes to include Saturdays. Qigong classes begin the 15th at 7 p.m.  and yoga for teens and for youth (ages 9-12) also start the first week of February…. much is happening at Ariel’s. Yoga, Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, Accupunture, meditation is all on going now or starting in February….

Call me or e-mail me if you would like more information…407-301-6878 or

I hope to see you at the bazaar on the 6th or sooner in class!

Much love and bright light!


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