Baptized “Rosanna Yassemine Ariel”…

Happy New Year to all my dear friends, today I share with you a new beginning in my life that had been heralded for a long time and is now here. As most of you, who have worked with spirit and energy know, every word carries vibration and your names are of utmost important too. The vibration of your name is in direct alignment with your karmic journey. If you look deeper into the meaning of your name and ask your angels to guide you into understanding what your name signifies in this lifetime, you will be blessed with a deeper knowing of what your soul journey is about.

Today I celebrated the integration of three names that were given to me during this lifetime so you may find that I sign the e-mails differently. The purpose of this sharing is, once again, to move through the self limiting thoughts that seek the good opinion of others, for trust me, I am fully aware that most folk would find all of this insane. Yet it is my journey, my reality, and in sharing it , I hope that you will dare to experience your own journey more fully even when it may seem a bit insane to all around.

About the names:

“Rosanna” was the name given to me at birth.  There was a movie in 1945 based on a novel written in 1933 called  “Madonna of the Seven Moons” . In this movie, the main character has a double life, double reality. She is a conservative married lady whom in her alternate reality becomes a free-spirited woman madly in love with a handsome gypsy. She also had two names, when she was in her “gypsy life” her name was “Rosanna”. My mom fell in love with this passionate character and 20+ years later called her second daughter “Rosanna” (me!).  For many years, I tried to find more information about the movie to no avail, today precisely, first day of signing my full name and including ‘Rosanna” in my vibration( January 4, 2011) I was able to find and purchase the dvd! Amazing grace.

“Yassemine“~ In 2002 after a trip to Venezuela where I went to work as a hypnotist and healing facilitator for a delightful group, I felt a connection with yoga master Sai Baba and I felt gifted the name “Yassemine” . Yassemine carries the energy of the femenine, the sensuality, the tantric aspect of yoga. Tantra has always been one of my favorite paths of yoga. I felt honored, yet at the same time overwhelmed. Another name change? that is just a bit crazy! (even for me). I used the name “Yassemine” for a short while then and put it “on hold”. This past Sunday, my dear friend and spiritual worker of the light, baptized me “Yassemine”. I know that it is now the right time to fully embrace its vibration. Interestingly both of my grandmother’s (whom are now in the light) favorite flower was yasmine and they are both so very close to me in my meditations!

“Ariel” ~ Ariel means ” A Return Into the Energy of Love”  Ariel was given to me in meditation in 1998, my life changed completely then. I finished my master degree in reiki,  divorced, changed carreers and moved to a different country. It was a radical vibrational shift. So deeply profound that I decided to legally change my name to Ariel, a return into the energy of love, would be the vibrational alignment in which I would choose to dwell in this life…

I knew that at some point I would have to embrace all the names that I have experienced in this incarnation,  and let go of any embarassment that sharing such a bizarre story might cause me. I did not quite expect it to be just now, but here it all is. I welcome and embrace all of my life and joyfully share the journey of my names with you today. The integration is all about balance, acceptance, joy, abundance, and mostly integrity of all that I am. May it serve you in some way, as you too travel this magical journey called life and experience the many blessings of your vibrations.

With much love and light,

Rosanna Yassemine Ariel Albani

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