A little bird came to visit…

As I prepare to welcome my sister Johanna’s visit to this beautiful part of our world, I was in my room and saw a beautiful little “pigeon~kind” of bird staring at me, outside my window. It was very cute.  We have an abundance of beautiful birds in our area, and I have been consistently feeding them every day. I love welcoming them to the terrace with delicious treats and water. There are different kinds of birds, many very little ones, other ones with white spots around their eyes, others with orange little beaks… they bless my day.  I watch them from the side of the window, and last week I spotted 24 birds at one time! If they see me come out to the terrace, they immediately fly away. I thought about their fear upon my presence, and felt a bit sadden by it. I wished at that moment that I  could communicate with them, that they would understand that I mean no harm, that I love them! Then, I thought to myself ” Oh dear, I do eat chicken” maybe they can “sense” that I am a threat! Obviously I am truly not a threat to them, but I was trying to find reasons to justify why they did not like me around. (Is anyone thinking that I have totally lost it yet? No worries, I do realize that this sounds bizarre! :-)! Well, it was on the same day of my bizarre “maybe they do not like me because I eat chicken” thoughts that  the little bird mentioned previously appeared outside my window. I was so delighted to see it but was super quiet making sure that I did not disturb it. The bird kept staring at me, and I was looking and delighting in it. All of a sudden, the bird goes wild, opens the wings and taps strongly on my window! I immediately thought it must be hurt!!! So, I rushed to open the window and there it was, quietly staring at me. I looked and did not see an injury, I gently reached out with my fingers and caressed its soft,  little chest. I could not believe the magic of the moment!!  The universe was speaking to me with such beautiful kindness through it.  I set out food for the little bird, but it was not food what he was interested in. Perhaps it comes heralding the joy of my sister’s visit! Eventually it  swiftly flew away.  The little bird simply reassured me of the magic of our world, of the importance of not making  self critical or negative assumptions, and allowing each moment to unfold exactly as it should…. for when we do…. really “cool” things can happen! That day, I felt how specially we are all blessed. May we always remember who we really are. May we always remember how at the levels of heart and spirit, we are all, sentient beings, connected, in light,  as One.



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