Celebrating my Birthday in a Full Moon Drumming Dance!

First of all, thank you so very much for so many warm e-mails, e-cards and such kind birthday wishes! It was so beautiful to receive them and a deep reminder that miles do not mean that we are apart!

Let me share with you about my Birthday celebration….! Many of you knew that last year upon my visit to Dubai I had been planning to participaate in a Full Moon drumming celebration. When the time came to go, we were unfortunately unable to make it then. I was SO very dissappointed! But, what I did not know was that the Universe had a better plan. Nine months later, the Full Moon drumming circle was taking place exactly on my Birthday… October 2nd. I immediately made arrangements, and  last Friday we headed out to Dubai for an overnight stay, and from there to the desert for a six hour full moon drumming party! We arrived at sunset and the view was magnificent, immediately took our shoes off and felt the soft sand embrace our feet so deeply, so comfortably, we felt at home. The weather was just right. Camels greeted us and the camp was in the bottom center of a circle of large tall sand dunes. We could go down rocky sand stairs or simply “slide” down the dunes to the drumming camp.  Being the birthday girl with a deeply awakened child within, we slid down joyfully and it was the first of many times of climbing dunes and sliding that evening. It was SO much fun! We laughed (and sweated!) tons!

In the camp, about 400 people were expected that evening. All the drums were lined up in the center, before a stage. Behind it a huge dance floor made with Persian rugs over the sand, and a  DJ station next to a huge bonfire. All around it, were tents with plush seating, the scent of the Arabian BBQ cooking, the aromatic shisha pipes, a  full bar,  and camels roaming, all adorned, and ready to take you around for a tour if you so desired. The Full Moon was bright above us! It was exhilarating!

A group of professional drummers from all over the world took the stage and the night took off ! They were amazing!  Each of us, 400 people, had a drum and we were guided into different world rythms that moved our souls. The Producer, a lady, excellent drummer (trained in South Africa), from England, whom formerly organized mind, body and soul expos, told us about the Full Moon in Aries this month. She said that it marked a  a time “to let go of that which no longer serves us, and begina new, take on new life experiences!” Again, I felt right at home 🙂

Her husband was celebrating his birthday that night (hmm..interesting!)  and he was called on to the stage as we all did drum rolls to celebrate his big day! That led to the rest of us having a birthday, being invited to the stage! And so we did, and danced up there, each to our own rythm. Each of us (5 total, 3 adults and 2 children!) were asked to share a wish. I was last on stage and I simply said “One World, One Nation!” and went back to my seat and drum. Well, the producer went with that and she guided us through each letter of the alphabet, to find out what countries were being represented that evening in the drumming celebration. We drum rolled for each other and our countries, the professional drummers played the authentic drum rythms to many of them, and we found out that 50 different nationalities were drumming together in one song that night!! Argentina, India, Netherlands,USA… you name it … we were there! After drum rolling for our friends from Zimbawe, she yelled out “Ariel, your wish came true! Tonight we drum together as One World, One Nation!” Yes indeed, that was true! Enthusiasm was flowing through all my being.

I felt so excited all throughout the evening, the moon so bright, sharing this amazing evening with my beloved, dancing and drumming the night away, as a true citizen of the world.  In my heart I felt deep love and gratitude for all my family and friends. You were with me in my heart, my soul, so beautifully, I felt you and I felt so blessed by you. I hope to celebrate our drumming circle in Orlando next! 😉

As the producer said,  indeed, my dream came true that night, in the desert, drumming under the Full Moon with people from all around the world, drumming to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, together as One. I invite you to wish with me that we embrace our beautiful diversity, as we did that night, and live with each other in this planet, with respect and understanding,  in love,  peace, truth and celebration…. after all we are One World, One Nation… Planet Earth. All in One.

Cheers to All of  Us!   And a very  Happy Birthday to all my fellow Libra friends 🙂


Ariel     PS. To get a feel of the night, check out www.dubaidrums.com and click on the Full Moon Drumming video! I will attempt to post some of our photos too!  Until our next blog…namaste!

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  • Monica

    Hola Ariel!!! WoW! Que belleza! Aqui me estoy deleitando con las fotos tan preciosas y la magnifica energia que se siente al verlas! Te felicito y me contenta muchisimo verlos tan felices.
    Te mando un abrazo muy fuerte y que sigas disfrutando de todas esas maravillas!