Blessings from Istanbul!

We were blessed with a few days off for the Eid celebration and headed off to Istanbul in Turkey! What a wondrous city! From the moment we arrived and saw the beauty of the city painted across the Bosphorus straight, the traditional red roofs sloped amongst the hills, we were in love! Istanbul is located partly in Europe and also in Asia. The Bosphorus Straight divides the two sides. You see fishermen everywhere, beautiful boats streaming by and mussels available in street carts, ready to eat, in every block!  The history is rich and the mosques are a sight to be experienced. An arquitectural marvel, Istanbul offers a classic mix of  old golden splendor with a very chic and modern twist to the city as well. It is very European, at moments I thought I was in Italy!… and yet, it is also very Middle Eastern as well. There is a large muslim population and during the evenings prior to the Eid, it was beautiful to witness so many muslim families gathering for Iftar in the plush green public parks, next to the famous Blue Mosque. As you walk the cobblestone streets you hear the call to prayer and it reaches you. Regardless of your particular spiritual beliefs or any differences amongst them, it is beautiful to celebrate the presence and awareness of one Source that unites us all in our humanity, as people, in this planet called Earth, at this time…  May we always be blessed in this awareness! If you would like to learn more about Istanbul and see a photo gallery, visit:  The sites are so so beautiful, you will love them! Namaste, Sending you multiple blessings of joy and peace across the miles!  Until we meet again, I will write next week with a new update…stay tuned… With much love and light always, Ariel

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