Cosmic Alignment

After the recent three eclipses, two in July and one in August, you may be feeling as if you just got off an emotional  rollercoaster.  If this is so, you are not alone. We are all  part of a greater universal intelligence and as such what happens beyond the parameters of our practical life, and our tangible world, affects us in ways that at times may be difficult to comprehend. The cosmic shifts that are occuring, affect our energy, and can assist us to clear and heal old thought patterns and perspectives that no longer serve us.  Old emotions and thought patterns may rise during the process of release and healing. Old wounds may open to more deeply heal. Be aware of that and be gentle with yourself. When emotions seems to take over your actions, give yourself some time alone to sort things out. Remember to forgive. Forgive yourself for not having healed completely what you thought was done and over. Remember that healing is a process that takes time, and usually it is done in phases. If you thought you had healed something and it is showing up again, it means that you are now ready to deepen the healing. You may have healed a great portion of the issue and now the remnants are ready to be healed, so the emotions show up again. This may happen several times with the same emotion or situation, the more you understand that process, the easier it will be for you to support your own healing journey. Be gentle with yourself, invite compassion into your life and sit with patience. Remember that all is happening exactly as it is for your protection and your highest good.

These are times that invite us to do some “inner stretching”, and just as the exercise of physically stretching can be one that feels great, it can also be sometimes very uncomfortable, because our bodies are not used to it. When you are aware that stretching allows you greater health, it becomes easier to do and your attitude becomes more enthusiastic. Our soul journeys are inviting us to stretch within. Honor the perspective of how truly good this is for you and the journey will be one that is more of a magical journey of opportunities rather than a dry and difficult challenge. The choice is yours. Only you choose your perspectives. This is your right and your privilege. You choose how you wish to align your thoughts, and how you do, will make a significant difference in the quality of your life experience. Things may not change around you, but you can change inside you. Blessings!


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